Welcome to the Streptococcus' Museum Of Modern Art (SMOMA)

Our visit will start with a very famous painting called :

"Bacteria Culture in Blood"

This painting represents all the author's natural passion for blood. In a larger extent, it truly depicts the daily life of a hemolysis bacteria such as streptococcus, the struggle of survival by digesting hemoglobin. This piece of art is like a red mirror for the eyes of the painter, it reflects where he comes from, who he is really; his origin and his identity.

The following painting is named :

"The Origin Of Life"

A beautiful metaphor, speaking about our very first ancestors, the primary bacterias lost in a vast ocean. This painting sums up the distress of every cyanobacteria that ever lived. On the difficult route of evolution, without clues, they were the pioneers of what we now call "Life".

Our last painting is titled :

"This is Art"


What is the difference between these 3 pictures?

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