"I dont understadn teh quizz its' hArd"
-> You are stupid.

"I have the right password on Jigidi, but it's not letting me in"
-> Some people have that bug, and I don't know why, try to enter the answer directly in the URL (with .html at the end).

"Pl0x help Insanity part i need hints imma go insane"
-> Hint 1 : Keep trying, Have faith. If you are vigilant, you should be able to see small changes. Once the changes disappear, the solution should appear.
-> Hint 2 : Read the starting description of the raffle carefully.

I know it's hard for y'all grey name users who don't like reading the rules, but you gotta try.

"What with the "Code" part?"
-> Hint 1 : Knowledge is power. You need to know what you are looking for.
-> Hint 2 : The private key is hidden somewhere, you don't have to bruteforce it.

"The Grid hurts my eyes"
-> Hint 1 : The password is not 7 letters long.
-> Hint 2 : The numbers are more important than the letters.