/!\ Biohazard : Final Boss /!\

While creating the last Biohazard, I imagined a puzzle to add as a last step, something related to video format...
I always wanted to create a cryptogram in a video.

I've already hidden stuff in pictures, text, even in a music file!...
...But in a video...,
that would be both hard to encode and to decode.

Anyways, I found a random stock footage and started messing around with it.

I didn't know what I was doing, but at the end...

... at the end,...

...the puzzle was too evil, too insane, even for Biohazard level of difficulty.

What to do then?? Throw the puzzle away?
No, I spent too much time designing it.

So I kept going, designed a start and an end, creating a whole new puzzle chain in it.

Now, ...

It's your turn to solve it!

You start here :


2 steps :
- 1st : cards.png
- 2nd : Vigenere key :

Good luck!