/!\ Biohazard The Return /!\
       plug your headphones for maximal immersion. Also audio might be useful at one point

This puzzle chain contains riddles and cryptograms ranging from easy to very difficult.
Overall, this raffle will require nerd skills, a brain, a rick roll detector and also The Maths™
There are about 10 levels before the password.

Your journey starts here : http://www.itstoohard.com/puzzle/yYY0AqW4

The ITH step is just a warm-up to make sure that you have at least a IQ of 70 and that you know how to use google. At the end, I will check the players/solvers ratio to see how much the intellectual future of humanity is in danger. Last time, 581 persons attempted the ITH but only 362 fullfilled it, so only a 62% success ratio...

Regarding hints:
- Don't ask for a password.
- Have a good reason to comment on my profile.
- If you think you have the password but it doesn't work, then you are WRONG, trust me.
- I will give hints if I see a lot of people are stuck at the same level of the puzzle.
- I don't accept random friend requests. Comment the reason why on my scrap/steam profile before trying to add me.
- Use your brain.

In order to keep all puzzle names secret when asking for a clarification, or just commenting about them, you can refer to them as:
Riddle#1 -> CatchMe -> Riddle#2 -> Gallery -> Shirt -> Sound -> Cryptogram#1 -> Cryptogram#2 -> Penultimate -> Final step

☣ What you won't need : caesar cipher, vigenere, a1z26, steganography sites, hints.
☣ What you will need : a brain.

Passwords are generally ALL CAPS, but it will be specified each time anyway.

Lastly, I can only advice you to always inspect element.

Good luck and have fun!
For extra hints, see : https://streptococcus.neocities.org/Hints.html