/!\ Biohazard The Revenge /!\
       plug your headphones for maximal immersion.

This puzzle chain contains riddles, tricks and cryptograms ranging from easy to very difficult.
Overall, this raffle will require nerd skills, a brain, a rick roll detector and also The Maths™
There are about 10 levels before the password.

Your journey starts here : http://www.itstoohard.com/puzzle/5UN4xbf3

The ITH step is just a warm-up to make sure that you have at least a IQ of 70 and that you know how to use google. At the end, I will check the players/solvers ratio to see how much the intellectual future of humanity is in danger.

Regarding hints:
- Don't ask for a password.
- Have a good reason to comment on my profile.
- If you think you have the password but it doesn't work, then you are WRONG, trust me.
- I will give hints if I see a lot of people are stuck at the same level of the puzzle.
- I don't accept random friend requests. Comment the reason why on my scrap/steam profile before trying to add me.
- Use your brain.

In order to keep all puzzle names secret when asking for a clarification, or just commenting about them, you can refer to them as:
Jigidi → Insanity → Sentence → Drag → Protocol → Captain → Pixels → Code → Grid → Lines

☣ What you won't need : caesar cipher, atbash, steganography sites, hints.
☣ What you will need : a brain.

Passwords formats will be specified each time.

Lastly, I can only advice you to always inspect element.

Good luck and have fun!
For extra hints, see : https://streptococcus.neocities.org/Hints.html