☣ Biohazard Season 2 : Mindfulness ☣
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and welcome...

You think you have an idea of what this puzzle is about.

But let me tell you this is not the case.

This is something I've been preparing for a long time now.

I wanted it to be unique...

This puzzle chain contains ciphers, tricks and cryptograms ranging from easy to very difficult.

There are 12 levels before the final password.

I will edit this page with hints if necessary.
So keep an eye on it.

Your journey starts here :

Good luck.

/!\ IMPORTANT : For firefox users, allow audio autoplay on this website, like this /!\

Hints :

- Source code is important. There is nothing hidden in the texts between the levels,
they are here to share some thoughts, so just relax.

- Titles and URL are relevant.

- A photo editor like Gimp or Ps, an audio editor like Audacity, a data editor like
Notepad++ might reveal useful.

- All ciphers used can be found on dcode.fr.

- Cryptii or Xlate are useful tools.

- I will give hints if I see a lot of people stuck on the same level.

- I will close the puzzle chain if I see people cheating (asking solutions on reddit,
sharing passwords, ...).

- If you want to ask for a hint on my scrap.tf profile, don't reveal the URL or previous
answers, just tell me which level you are on.

- I don't accept random friend requests. Comment the reason why on my scrap/steam
profile before trying to add me.